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  • Smashing Magazine

    Smashing Magazine

    Founded in September 2006, Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information to web designers and developers.



    A digital product studio in the heart of London 👉🏼www.NEVERBLAND.com 👈🏼

  • Citymapper


    The ultimate transport app!

  • Elizabeth Kiehner

    Elizabeth Kiehner

    Digital Transformation @ MSK. Former IBMer. The people side of #technology. Speaker, author, leader, board member and advocate for equality and human rights.

  • net magazine

    net magazine

    The No 1 magazine for web designers & developers, established in 1994. Organiser of http://GenerateConf.com. Also see https://medium.com/net-magazine.

  • mmmatch


    webサービスのデザイナー。映画や音楽、web、デザイン、社会のことなど好きに書いてます。個人で映画サイト運営中 → http://warfilms4peace.com/

  • Shahriar Hossain

    Shahriar Hossain

    UI & UX Designer at SYMBL

  • Lukas Rathmann

    Lukas Rathmann

    Product Manager & UX Designer in Hamburg, Germany. https://www.lukasrathmann.com/

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